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Religious Education Calendar 2019-20

K through 6th meet Sunday 10:05am-11:20am

7th - 8th and 9th - 12th meet Wednesday 6:15-7:45pm

Classes meet at Holy Rosary Catholic Church Social Hall

Changes will be posted in the bulletin, online (website & facebook), or sent home with students.




22    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided) – Circle of Grace

26    RE 10:05am – Circle of Grace

29    Youth Group 6:15am (Supper provided)



2      RE 10:05am – Music/Craft 11am

        4th Grade Reconciliation 10:05am

5      Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

9      RE 10:05am – Music/Craft 11am

        5th Grade Reconciliation 10:05am

        Reconciliation Retreat/Reception of Sacrament 2pm

                (Approx 3.5 hrs) (Back-up date: 2/16 at 2pm)

12    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

16    RE 10:05am

        6th Grade Reconciliation 10:05am

        Back-up date for Reconciliation Retreat 2pm

19    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided) – Circle of Grace

23    NO RE (3 day weekend)

26    NO Youth Group (Help Serve Soup Supper) - Ash Wednesday



1      RE 10:05am

Confirmation/First Eucharist Retreat 2pm (Approx 3 hrs) (Back-up date: 3/8 at 2pm)

4      Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

8      RE 10:05am (NO RE if team goes to State GBB)

Back-up date for Confirmation/First Eucharist Retreat 2pm

11    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

13    Reconciliation for 3rd Grade 4pm @Holy Rosary (FRIDAY)

14    Confirmation/First Eucharist @Edgeley 10am

        (Practice and Breakfast 8am) (SATURDAY)

15    RE 10:05am – Story/Craft 11am

        3rd Grade Students greet & bear gifts at Holy Rosary 9am Mass

        (Arrive before 8:45am)

18    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

22    RE 10:05am (NO RE if team goes to State BBB)

25    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

29    RE 10:05am – Story/Craft 11am



1      Youth Group 6:15am (Supper provided)

5      RE 10:05am

        3rd Grade Reconciliation 10:05am

8      NO Youth Group (Seder Supper)

12    NO RE (Easter Sunday)

15    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

18    Middle School Youth Extravaganza (6th-8th grades)

19    RE 10:05am – Music/Craft 11am

22    Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

26    RE 10:05am – End of Year Party 11am



3      Holy Rosary Baccalaureate Sunday

        (Seniors arrive before 8:45am – Breakfast to follow Mass)

6      Youth Group Year End Party 6:15pm

10    May Crowning (K-6th meet at 8:45am in Mother’s Room)


DRE Contact: Suzie Lahlum

10203 County Road 35; Marion, ND  58466

Cell: 701.793.6920 



Color Key:

NO Class

Special Events or Programs

Reconciliation (2nd Grade Students)

                Parent/Student Meetings in Mother’s Room

                Retreat begins in Church

First Eucharist &Confirmation (3rd Grade Students)

                Parent/Student Meetings in Mother’s Room

                Retreat begins in Church

Holy Days of Obligation









                            all services available for seniors living N D

helpful state programs for seniors and allows to find assisted living facilities in every city.