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Instructions for Chairman of a Potluck


Come up with a theme for the potluck; some suggestions are: (it was felt that we should have a different name for potlucks)

In the beginning…. Bring a dish that starts with the first letter of your first name.

Last supper… Bring a dish that starts with the last letter of your last name.

Mom’s Comfort Food

Mexican Holiday

German Fest

Ockober Fest

Check the hall for the following supplies:

  • coffee ( kept in the fridge),
  • instant Lemon-aide (stored above the little coffee makers)
  • butter packages- (stored in the fridge)
  • napkins, cups, paper plates, juice cups (stored in the cupboard under the little coffee makers)


Charge all items to Holy Rosary Altar Society.  Give receipt to Georgia Phelps or put in envelope in the hall.  Be sure to sign the receipt.

Choose people from your circle to help set up, serve and clean up.  It works best if you have about 4-5 people helping.

Decide in your group if you want to decorate according to the theme.

Day of Potluck:

Make sure the heat/ air conditioner is set at a comfortable temperature.

Large Coffee pots should be started at least 1 ½ hours before.

Set salt and pepper shakers on each table

Put small bowls of butter cubes on tables

Put fork and knives holder, fill; at the end of the serving table

Put paper plates and napkins

Have the ovens on and set at 350 degrees, if people bring food that needs to be heated in the oven.

Salads should be placed in the fridge.

When families starts coming in;

Move food to the serving table

Place small table out to hold coffee, lemon aide and cups.  You need one person to serve as people walk through.

When everyone is seated, fill carafes with coffee (stored under the counter, next to the sink in the kitchen) and place on tables.

Clean up:

Do dishes

Wipe off tables

Take garbage off

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