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Guidelines for General Cleaning of Church for 20___

(Hard copy of this document in office.)

The president of the altar society will choose general chairman from each circle.  The general chairman will choose a chairman for each job listed below.  Please take into consideration the physical demands of the job, when it can be done,etc.  Report need of repairs to the Altar Society President, who in turn will report them to the Parish Council.  General chairpersons should check on cleaning supplies.  Supplies are in the storage/furnace room and in the working sacristy.  Chairpersons may purchase supplies.  Please be sure to sign the receipt and turn into the treasurer!

If you are unable to complete your duties it is up to you to find someone to do it for you!

All woodwork should be done by spraying pledge on a damp cloth and then polishing with that.  Please do not spray pledge directly on the woodwork!!

Ceilings and walls—Main Church    2 people

Spot Clean Walls ________

Wipe light switches and electric plug-in plates with damp cloth________

Wipe Baseboards________                                                    _______________________________

Check for cobwebs on ceiling/along walls, etc._________   _______________________________


Stations, Baptismal Fonts and Statues   2 people

Dust stations________

Damp wipe or wash statues________                                   ______________________________________

Polish woodwork  on stations________                                 ______________________________________

Clean holy water fonts________


Pews  2 people

Polish all woodwork of pews and kneelers________             ________________________________

Cover scratches with Murphy’s Oil Soap, etc________                     ________________________________



Confessional and Entry Between the church and parish house 1-2 people

Polish all woodwork________

Wipe doors down________                            _____________________________________________

Wipe baseboards________                            _____________________________________________

Spot clean walls________

Check for cobwebs_______

Sacristy 1-2 people

Polish woodwork________

Wipe light fixtures________

Spot clean walls for cobwebs, etc________                           ____________________________________

Dust top of ledge above cabinets________                            ____________________________________

Clean cabinet under the sink________

DO NOT clean the inside of the vestment cabinet unless you have Father’s permission!!!

Altar, Crucifix, and Tabernacle  2 people

Polish woodwork with Murphy’s Oil Soap________

Wipe Crucifix________

Clean candle holders________                                       _________________________________________

Vacuum area rugs________                                            _________________________________________

Spot clean walls________

Check for cobwebs, etc.

All Outside Windows and Inside Woodwork 1 person

Wash and clean all outside windows________

Polish woodwork around the inside windows________                     _______________________________

Bathrooms  1-2 people

Wipe stalls and walls________

Clean light fixtures________                         ___________________________________________

Wipe mopboards________                            ___________________________________________

Spot clean walls________

Mother’s Room 1-2 people

Spot clean walls________

Wipe Baseboards________

Check for cobwebs________                          ____________________________________________

Polish all woodwork________                                    ____________________________________________

Wipe down chairs________

Clean light fixtures________

Narthex and Entry 

Polish all woodwork with Murphy’s Oil Soap________

Wipe baseboards________

Spot Clean Walls________                             ___________________________________________

Wash entry doors________                            ___________________________________________

Check for Cobwebs________                         ___________________________________________

Wipe pictures________

Straighten magazine racks/brochures________

Working Sacristy 1 person

Clean cabinet under the sink________

Wipe down baseboards________                    ______________________________________                 

Wipe down cupboards________ website discusses all services available for seniors living in North Dakota, outlines helpful state programs for seniors and allows to find assisted living facilities in every city