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ALTAR SOCIETY UPDATE: Thanks to all the people who worked at or contributed to the big events the Altar Society held last week. On June 13, we had our bi-annual pillow cleaning. We receive $2/pillow and they pay for the advertisement. Kraft’s cleaned 66 pillows, totaling $132 for our profit.


The Annual Rummage Sale brought in roughly $1,200 with an additional $30 for the baked goods sold at the weekend Masses.


 Altar Society 2019

Officers: President; Lori Haberman, Vice President; Rhonda Shockman, Sec. Sheila Hanson, Treas. ; Hope Coleman

All Catholic women who are members of Holy Rosary Church are considered a member of the Altar Society.  We welcome all new members this year.  The President, Rhonda Shockman, can be contacted if any person’s name has been omitted from this book.  We apologize in advance!


Annual dues are $20.  They should be given to the treasurer, Hope Coleman (4 6th Ave. NW, LaMoure, ND 58458) Dues are to be paid by all members.  Please pay your dues by March 1st, 2019.  Earlier payment is greatly appreciated.  The dues help pay for parish functions (potlucks & funerals), annual carpet cleaning, wedding gifts, and various parish hall expenses.


The President will notify the chairperson of each work group as events and projects need to be completed.  Each month she will remind the work groups of their duties of the month.


Altar Society meetings will follow Mass and will be held in the Church.  The president will hold a meeting when she feels one is needed.  Please watch the weekly bulletin for these announcements.  We also have a face book page where information about funerals etc. will be posted.  If you are not a member of the group, please contact the president.


Anyone who charges items to the Altar Society needs to remember to give the original receipt to Hope  or drop it in the container in the back of the Church for Altar Society or in the envelope hanging by the back door in the Parish Center.  Please sign the receipt and note the event that the items were purchased for.   This is very important so we can keep track of our expenses.


Here is a list of members who have volunteered in the past to help serve funerals if there is need of additional workers:

Marsha Wendel, Loraine Kaul, Luanne Slykerman, Mary Lee Kuska and Connie Bitz.