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Holy Rosary Finance Council Meeting

Jan. 7, 2019

Member present: Father Haman, Nathan Robbins, Sheila Hanson, Dan Podoll, Eric Lahlum, Wayne Hoff, Germaine Erbele (Secretary).

The meeting was called to order and Father Haman led us in an opening prayer.

The minutes from the last meeting was read and approved.

Old Business: 

There was a discussion of when to transfer funds from the Checking account into the Deposit and Loan Account.  It was decided that we have a few bills still outstanding from the siding project, the gutters and the dumpster, that need to be paid.  After that any amount above $10,000 will be transferred into the Deposit and Loan.

New Business:

Upcoming Projects at Holy Rosary

Winter Projects:

1. Hearing Enhancement- $2301, Tricorne Audio:  There are members of the parish state that they have a hard time hearing the sermon and services in the church.  Father Haman contacted a company, Tricrone Audio, to see if it was even feasible to add a hearing enhancement to the present sound system.  They came and said that our system is fine and they could install the equipment.  The price quoted includes 4 headphones.  A parishioner has donated $2301 to cover the cost.  The board discussed how many additional headphones that would need to be bought.  Father Haman will call and see what the price will be.  Board gave permission to proceed.

2. Railing in Church:  It was recommended by a parishioner that there should be a handrail so that lectors or Eucharistic Minister s could use if they feel they need assistance.   Father Haman presented possible ideas (see sheet).  Rough estimate is $500.  After much discussion, the board approved.

3. Doorbell to Parish Office:   Father Haman requested that a doorbell be installed on the door leading into the parish office. After some discussion, it was agreed upon.

Summer Projects:

1. Cemetery Sign- ideas were presented of possible replacements for the Cemetery sign.  The one there has weathered over time.  A parishioner has volunteered to give $500 to pay for it.(  See sheet for possible ideas.)   The land owner, Calvin Steffes, will need to be contacted to see if he would allow a new sign to be put up on his land.  It was discussed t hat the Cemetery Board will start a fund drive to see about getting donations.  Several parishioners have given the Cemetery Board addresses of next of kin to be contacted to ask for donations.

2. Replacing back shed:  the shed was to be resided during the residing project of the rectory and hall, but the contractor didn’t include a quote.   Father Haman talked to Mr. Jensen, the shop teacher at LaMoure Public School, to see if the  students build the shed as a spring project.  Possible cost $1200

3. Removal of Evergreen:  the evergreen in the back of the church was inspected and found that it should be removed.  Estimate of $500 plus whatever the stump removal would cost.  The board discussed possible people to contact to do the jobs.   Delmar Weist and Dan Loomer will be contacted, along with the tree company out of Jamestown for estimates. 

4. Rocks around the foundation of the Parish Center:  it was discussed to hire a company to landscape the area.  Jim Peterson of Lisbon did the area around the Church and did an excellent job.    The price around the church was $6000.

5. New sign in front of Parish Center:  Sheila Hanson brought up that the Knights are considering on doing this project.

6. Painting the foundation of the house:  We need volunteers to do this.

7: Carpeting Stairway into the rectory:  Corey Bliss will come back in the summer to complete this.

8: Concrete in front of rectory and Hall Entry:  We have been talking about this for years. It was discussed that now is the time to replace these two areas.   A suggestion to contact the  Hutterites .

9. Painting the brick on the Parish Hall

 Further Off:

1. Cemetery Altar and Cross:  It was discussed as to what to do about the Altar and Cross out at the cemetery,   both are crumbling.  Father Haman was given an estimate of $10,000 to fix them.  The Altar was in the original “Brick Church”, so it has a sentimental value to the parish.   The diocese has a granite altar that they will give us, but we would have to pick it up and set it in place.  Dean Haberman was suggested as a possible person who could do this.  The fact that the present altar is part of our history was discussed again.  It was decided talk about this at a future meeting.

Going over the Financial of 2018 and budget:

As the board viewed the various parts of our finances, there was a lot of discussion about the Holy Day collections and how to code them.  The sheet that is supplied to Andrea was viewed and the board would like to know where the “special Collections” are recorded.

It was brought up that the church should absorb the money of various funds, such as the Buffalo Supper and Religious Ed, into their checking account.  It was felt by one member that it would make things easier.  This was tabled until the next meeting.

Germaine Erbele asked the board to make a decision as to what is paid by the church and what is paid by the Religious Ed account.  After a lot of discussion it was decide unanimously that they church will pay for all supplies, including presents for high school graduates, and the religious education will pay for activities. 

Father Haman asked for a pay increase for the Lay Staff, Germaine Erbele and Collette Elshaug.  After some discussion it was decided unanimously that the new wage for 2019 will be $15/hour for the Secretary and $14/hour for the Custodian.

The budget was completed and will be sent to Andrea at the Bishop’s Office, and the rest of the financial report will be sent in as well.

Father Haman led us in a closing prayer.  The meeting was adjourned.



Germaine Erbele, Holy Rosary Secretary









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