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  My name is Fr Gregory Alan Haman. I'm the second of three sons who grew up on a cattle ranch outside of New Rockford, ND. My father worked for the Wishek Livestock Market, encouraging cattlemen in our area of the state to sell there. My mother always worked outside of our home, mostly in Carrington at Dakota Growers Pasta Company.

My favorite job in High School was working as a lifeguard at the city pool but my longest job at that time was in the dietary department at the local nursing home. I worked there for probably four years. My extracurricular activities were mostly academic except for track, in which I was modestly successful.

During college I worked during the school year at a work-study position in Human Resources at a company in Fargo. I studied Landscape Architecture and interned during the summers with NDDOT designing landscape projects along highways, including here in LaMoure when HWY 13 was redone about ten years ago.

It was during my four years in college that I began considering the priesthood. Joining some Bible Studies at the church near campus, Newman Center was instrumental in that, because they helped me take ownership of the Catholic faith for the first time, and to encounter Christ through the faith. This new desire to be close to Christ, specifically in the sacraments, led me to the priesthood. I've been a priest now for five years and I look forward to being a pastor for the first time!

Our missions at are to help the disabled and elderly maximize their healthy years and age gracefully. We recently published a much-needed resource for the growing low-income senior population that I think would be helpful for your community. You can find it here: