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SUPPORT FOR OUR CEMETERIES:  We would like to thank all the people who contributed to the cemetery fundraiser. 

A new altar for Holy Rosary Cemetery has been given to the diocese of Fargo from the NDSU Newman Center. (The Newman Center itself is under demolition for a new facility to take its place!) Dean and Lori Haberman kindly transported the altar to LaMoure earlier this week. The current altar at the cemetery has fallen into disrepair over years of exposure to the elements. Take a look as you leave Mass this weekend!

We will coordinate the removal and burial of the old altar and the installation of the new later this summer!



Sexton: Lori Haberman                    701-883-5744

Treasurer: Germaine Erbele            701-8835182


Cemetery plots: $250 / piece.

Flowers on the graves must be removed  2 weeks after Memorial Day.




                            all services available for seniors living N D

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