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The following is an excerpt from Pope Francis’ ongoing Wednesday instructions on the Lord’s Prayer:


We must pray as [Jesus] taught us. He said, “When you pray, enter in the silence of your room, withdraw from the world, and turn to God calling Him ‘Father!’” True prayer is that which is made in the secret of the conscience, of the heart: inscrutable, visible only to God - God and me. It’s impossible to feign with God. God knows us, naked in conscience, and we can’t feign. At the root of dialogue with God there is a silent dialogue, as the crossing of looks between two persons who love one another: man and God: our looks cross. This is prayer.


Yet, in the secret of his conscience, a Christian doesn’t leave the world outside the door of his room but carries persons and situations in his heart, their problems, so many things, all are taken to prayer. There is an impressive absence in the text of the “Our Father”: the word “I” is lacking. “I” is never said. Jesus teaches to pray having on one’s lips first of all “You,” because Christian prayer is dialogue: “Hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.” Not my name, my kingdom, my will. In Christian prayer, no one asks for bread for him/herself: Give me my daily bread — no — give us, he entreats for all, for all the poor in the world. This must not be forgotten, the word “I” is lacking. One prays with “you” and with “us.” It’s a good teaching of Jesus. Don’t forget it.


Once a prison chaplain asked me a question: “Tell me, Father, what is the word contrary to ‘I’?” And I, naive, said: “You.” “This is the beginning of war,” he said. “The word opposed to ‘I” is ‘we,’ where peace lies, all together.” In prayer, a Christian bears all the difficulties of persons that live around him: when evening falls, he tells God the sorrows he has come across that day: he puts before Him many faces, friendly and also hostile, he doesn’t drive them away as dangerous distractions.  If one doesn’t realize that around one there are so many people suffering, if one is not moved by the tears of the poor and is accustomed to everything, then it means that his heart... is how? Withered? No, worse, it’s of stone.


We can ask ourselves: when I pray, do I open myself to the cry of so many close and distant persons? Or do I think of prayer as a sort of anesthesia, to be able to be more tranquil? And, in the evening of life, we will be judged on love, on how we have loved. Not just a sentimental love, but compassionate and concrete, according to the evangelical rule - don’t forget it! - “As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me.” (Matthew 25:40)


GOD’S GIFT APPEAL 2019 Next weekend, February 23-24, is Commitment Weekend for the 2019 God’s Gift Appeal. Please bring the personalized commitment card you will receive in the mail this week to Mass with you as we join together to support the work of the Gospel in our diocese.


Please pray for the following people: PRAYERS DO WORK! Tiffani Stadler, Carwin Gylling,KevinIsakson, Leo Pratschner, Charlotte Geinert, Mark Cox, Roxanne Cox, Judy Heiser, Catherine Klegstad, Lucille Scherr, Fr. Val Gross, Charla Warcken, Glen Masset, Floyd and Frannie Roehrick, Dan Loomer. Names will be included on our prayer list for one month. If you would like yourself or your loved one to be listed for additional weeks, please contact the office!


                         POPE FRANCIS’ PRAYER INTENTIONS FOR FEBRUARY: That those who have material, political or spiritual power may resist any
lure and say "No" to corruption.



STEWARDSHIP MOMENT: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time “Blessed are you when people hate you…exclude and insult you, and denounce your name…on account of the Son of Man.” (LUKE 6:22) All of us have been in situations when someone has made a negative comment or joke about God or our Catholic faith. How did you respond? Did you stay silent or pretend to go along with the crowd because you didn’t want to cause waves and then, later, you felt bad? Know that God is with you all the time; the Holy Spirit will put the right words in your mouth. Pray for the strength and courage to proclaim our faith to others, especially during uncomfortable situations.



Grades K-6: Class from 10:05am-11:20am on Sunday morning.

Junior High & High School: Class on Wednesdays at 6:15pm. Supper provided.


17   NO RE (3 Day Weekend)

20   Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

24   RE 10:05am - Story/Craft 11am | 6th Grade Reconciliation

        Reconciliation Retreat/Reception of Sacrament 2-5:30pm (Back-up date: March 3)

27   Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)


3     NO RE (3 Day Weekend – State Girls BB)

6     NO Youth Group - Ash Wednesday (Help serve Soup Supper)

10   RE 10:05am – Music/Craft 11am

13   Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

17   NO RE (3 Day Weekend - State Boys BB)

20   Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

24   RE 10:05am – Story/Craft 11am

27   Youth Group 6:15pm (Supper provided)

31   RE 10:05am – Story/Craft 11am

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUSwill host a free will sausage and pancake breakfast, Feb. 17, following the 9:00 Mass here in LaMoure. The proceeds will be donated to Home on the Range.

ADULT EDUCATION No class Feb 17.We will be covering Part Four of the CCC, “Christian Prayer” on Feb 24 p. 616-619, paragraphs 2566 –2577, History, Call to Prayer.

WALKING WITH PURPOSE WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY:You are welcome to join a Women’s Bible study to draw closer to God through Divine intimacy and fellowship with other women. We meet Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall to discuss “Opening Your Heart.” Contact Christine Loegering (701-840-9459, if you have questions!

SEARCH FOR CHRISTIAN MATURITY: weekend retreat held at Maryvale, just north of Valley City, for youth & young adults (ages 16+) offering an opportunity to mature and grow in your faith. More information is available at

Upcoming dates:               April 26-28 (Applications due Apr 8)

DECORA is a retreat for women ages 15-21+ to discover their "feminine genius” and get in touch with their dignity and vocation according to the richness of femininity. Cost for high school women is $10/person, $20/person for those 18+, including continental breakfast, lunch and materials. Saturday, March 2 at St. Anthony of Padua, 710 10th Street, Fargo, ND. Questions: email or call Renee Johnson at (701) 361-3270.

FOOD PANTRY UPDATE: During January, 76 people from LaMoure county were served (33 adults, 27 children, and 16 seniors). 1455 lbs. of food and $625 in vouchers for perishables the food pantry cannot store were distributed. The shelves are beginningto see shortages again in certain areas. Thank you for whatever you can provide. An updated list of our needs is on the wall by the Food Pantry Box. Smaller lists are on the entry table.

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS will meet again Tuesday, March 5th 7:00 PM in the Parish Center. Father Haman will begin the meeting with a discussion of “Into the Deep,” an exhortation by Bishop Olmstead of Pheonix, AZ about the indispensable role men play in our parishes and communities.

  • Our Knight of the Month for January is Larry Kaul. A charter member of our council, Larry is a past Grand Knight and the current District Deputy. He has chaired many events and helped with the Free Throw contest.

  • Our Server of the Month is Zach Lahlum. Zach is willing and eager to help serve Mass. He is also one of our youth who attended the March for Life in Washington.  Zach, we could all use your enthusiasm.